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Located 2.5 km from Korisia port, as a natural extension of the hill that overlooks the Vourkari and the Aegean Sea, excellently located on a hilltop well hidden from prying eyes and a breath from Athens, Aigis Suites is waiting to welcome you.
Private terraces, unique architecture, breathtaking views but, above all, the smile and the desire of our people are what will take you to another dimension.
Experience the balance between tranquility and vitality in your veranda, pool or SPA.
If you decide to escape from the Aigis world, the exploration of the environmentally rich surrroundings and cultural heritage of Kea awaits you ...
The nine suites represent the pure luxury while they impose you to the full relaxation.
At Aigis suites, it is difficult to choose one of the nine uniquely decorated suites, that are designed to offer you warm hospitality in a natural environment.
SUITE SERVICES : Making the most of your suite’s comforts, you will feel that your are in a space that suits you perfectly
Air conditioning
Bath robe - slippers
Pool bag
Bath products Korres Natural Products
Cocomat Pilows (choose the pillow that suits you best)
Cocomat Matress
Electronic Safe
Hair Dryer
Internet wireless access (free of charge)
220 voltage
Hi-fi radio/CD player
The rich Greek cuisine has set the foundations. 
The Greek vineyard accompanies our dishes and we have tasted again and again numerous recipes for our wonder cocktails. Everything is in place. 
All are freshly cooked, most of the times supplied by our local producers, selected very carefully. Enjoy!
Secrets of the Far East meet with European culture and the breeze of the Aegean at the Aigis Spa.
The secret power of the water element, in combination with the therapies and the massages we offer, will remove any negative energy, while revitalizing body and spirit.
Cultural events, activities or parties are planned and executed in Aigis. 
Perfect decoration, excellent service, carefully selected music, warm welcome and yourself in the leading role.
All our collaborators are at your disposal for an event that will be unforgettable.
The island in itself is a charming little paradise and it is still a very genuine place to visit.
There are a few taverns and cafes, and the pace is slow and comfortable.
Kea is an excellent alternative for those who want to get away from the busier islands, but still don't want the total quiet.

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Aigis Suites Vourkari (Tzia), Greece
T: +30 2288021825, +30 6984601565 F:

E: info@aigisuites.com

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